What is the Cosmology of the Target?

 related: How does your own cosmology affect the design of your memeplex, for good or ill?

Clumps of particles mimic how planets form | futurity | Nat Phys
Observations on Quantum Computing & Physics
‘Being No One’ – Lee Gamble, Mark Fell and Thomas Metzinger in conversation.
‘Multiverse’ theory suggested by microwave background
“Small tilt in magnets makes them viable memory chips”
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lucid Dreaming
2012 Global Climate Change RV Study
8 Earth years are roughly equal to 13 Venus years,…
A logical basis for quantum evolution and entanglement
Accepting Ignorance: Let’s Ramble About a Consciousness Machine
An Equation of State for Active Matter
Animal Brains Networked Into Organic Computer ‘Brainet’
Archonology | Rune Soup
Are You Living in a Computer Simulation
Artificial Agents Perceiving and Processing Time
Astronomy and Night Sky Guide
Astrophysicists Prove That Cities On Earth Grow in the Same Way As Galaxies in Space
Aztec Philosophy
Bizarre Soviet-Era Theory About New State of Matter Is Actually Right
Blog Posts • subblue
Brain’s Conversation with Itself: Neural Substrates of Dialogic Inner Speech.
Brownian tubulins
Brownian tubulins II
Bruce Shapiro’s Mesmerizing Kinetic Sand Drawing Machines
BT: Electronic Opus on Vimeo
Can We Control Our Technological Destiny—Or Are We Just Along For the Ride?
Causality, Ontogenesis & Technology
Cave of the Crystals
Cerebral functional connectivity periodically (de)synchronizes with anatomical constraints.
Chandra :: Photo Album :: Perseus Cluster :: 9 Sep 03
Charles Hapgood
Cherry Picking
Chlorovirus ATCV-1 is part of the human oropharyngeal virome and is associated with changes in cognitive functions in humans and mice
Circlon Theory = joules/power
COMPLEX THOUGHT An Overview of Edgar Morin’s Intellectual Journey
Computer scientists find mass extinctions can accelerate evolution — ScienceDaily
Concepts and implications of altruism bias and pathological altruism
Conscious Intention and Brain Activity
Consciousness after clinical death. The biggest ever scientific study published – Bioethics Research Library
Consciousness as a State of Matter
Crypto Anarchist Manifesto
Crystals: animal, vegetable or mineral? | Interface Focus
Culturing the connectome
Dance of the Kuiper Belt – Philip Metzger
David Eagleman
Dean Radin – Conscious Universe and Entangled Minds
Death by Design? Spatial models show that natural selection favors genetically-limited lifespan as a lineal benefit
Defining Chaos
Detection of mini black holes at the LHC could indicate parallel universes in extra dimensions
Dialogues and Controversies – Dialogues – Index
Directory of Open Access Journals
Distant quasar illuminates a filament of the cosmic web – UC Santa Cruz
Do trees communicate with each other? › Ask an Expert (ABC Science)
Does time pass? | MIT News
Don’t fear falling into a black hole – you may live on as a hologram
Double-slit experiment – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dream deception, cognitive corruption, and insight in dreams | The Brains Blog
Eight Charts Which Prove Chandler’s Wobble causes earthquakes, volcanism, El Nino, and global warming
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen: entangled motion of two massive objects
Electric Universe
emergence of complex behaviors through causal entropic forces
environmental influence on epigenetics
Everything is Entangled
Ex Machina Hidden Easter Egg and Interview with Murray Shanahan
Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence
Eye movements ‘change dream scenes’
Forget Space-Time: Information May Create the Cosmos
Form as Occult Technology on Vimeo
Fractal patterns spotted in the quantum realm
Fractal Universe
Fractals, Technical Analysis and other things…: The Logic of Place
Frank Wilczek
FREE Tarot, Runes, Numerology, and I Ching from Facade!
Frontier of Physics: Interactive Map
General Factor Of Correctness
Geometry of interfaces: topological complexity in biology and materials | Interface Focus
Glitch in the Matrix Pics | Glitch in Matrix Meme
glitches in the matrix faces in nature
Gradient reduction theory: Thermodymanics and the purpose of life
Graphical Representation of the Periodic Table
Hard Disk Of The Future Will Be Ten Thousand Times Faster, Researchers Say
Heart of Hinduism: Maya: Illusion
Hero with a Thousand Faces
Hidden information-processing networks in the skeleton of cells | ExtremeTech
Hidden Portals in Earth’s Magnetic Field | NASA
How Does a Gymnast, or Even a Fitness Walker, Keep from Falling? – Talking back – Scientific American Blog Network
How particles clump together to create new planets observed for the first time | Daily Mail Online
How spacetime is built by quantum entanglement
Human brain auto-tunes colours as they become more abundant through the seasons | Daily Mail Online
Icarusfalling: Einstein Enigmatic Quote
If Earth Were Swallowed By A Black Hole, We Might Not Even Notice | Popular Science
Imada Toshiaki HomePage (University of Washington)
Information and Inference
Insect Swarms Go Critical
Interface Theory of Perception: Natural Selection Drives True Perception To Swift Extinction
Is Our Universe a Fake?
Is the N170 face-specific? Controversy, context, and theory | Brian D. Earp – Academia.edu
Is the universe a hologram? | EurekAlert! Science News
Is Universe Spiral
Isolating water’s impact on vibrations within DNA
It’s still possible we all live inside a hologram | ExtremeTech
J.-Y. Girard’s Linear Logic | Equivalent eXchange
Jabberwocky – Lenny’s Alice in Wonderland site
James Burke Connections
Lisa Randall thinks dark matter killed the dinosaurs
Machine generated TED-Talks
Markov chain
Mars Anomaly Research Home Page
Massless particle discovered 85 years after it was theorized
Math Currents in the Brain.
Mathematical Model for Very Complex Social Systems
Meaning of Noncommutative Geometry and the Planck-Scale Quantum Group
Measurements in Proof Nets as Higher-Order Quantum Circuits
Megahertz tubulins
Mind-Matter Mapping Project
Mother Robots Build Children Robots to Experiment With Artificial Evolution
Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum
Multiverse Proof Possibility From Colliding Universes
Nanofiber Optical Memory
National Dream Center
Neil Slade Amygdala Chart
Network Cosmology
Neuroscience of Knowing Without Knowing
New map reveals a third of the stars in the Milky Way have dramatically changed orbit
Next Big Future: Scientist develops model for robots with bacterial brains
Non-player character
Notes from the Editors: Highlights from the Physics of Active Matter Conference
Novelty Search and the Problem with Objectives
On detecting biospheres from thermodynamic disequilibrium in planetary atmospheres
On the possible role of protein vibrations in information processing in the brain: three Russian dolls
One night of sleep loss can alter clock genes in your tissues
Open Access | PLOS
Open Access Directory
Optical illusion
Optical illusions video reveals how easy it is to fool our brains
Origins of Electrical Body Activity
Our perception of the world may simply be an ILLUSION
Overcoming Bias
PHYS771 Lecture 20: Cosmology and Complexity
Physicists demonstrate new violations of local realism
Piecing a Virus Together
Planetary Harmonics & Neuro-biological Resonances
polarizing impact of science literacy and numeracy on perceived climate change risks
Portuguese scientists discover why pendulum clocks swing together
Professor Shahn Majid 
Proof Nets as Formal Feynman Diagrams
Publications – Marchetti Web Archive
Quantum anomalies and the origin of time
Quantum Consciousness . Stuart Hameroff
Quantum Effects in the Brain and the Mind | Jon Lieff M.D.
Quantum Entanglement Drives the Arrow of Time, Scientists Say | Quanta Magazine
Quantum entanglement isn’t only spooky, you can’t avoid it
Quantum Experiment Shows How Time ‘Emerges’ from Entanglement — The Physics arXiv Blog — Medium
Quantum Matter Stuck in Unrest – DeepStuff.org
Quantum Money from Hidden Subspaces
Quantum Universe –
Quantum weirdness is everywhere in life – Johnjoe McFadden – Aeon
Quotable (#82) | Urban Future (2.1)
Ray Brassier in conversation with Thomas Metzinger | Senselogi©
Research Scholarships
Reza Negarestani – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sci-Fi Short on Infinite Parallel Realities | Motherboard
Scientists say there may be a mega-planet SUPER EARTH orbiting our sun | Daily Mail Online
Scientists show future events decide what happens in the past
scitation Multi-level memory-switching properties of a single brain microtubule
Seeing Is Believing | HMS
Self-organized criticality – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sending Quantum Messages Through Space
Signs of the Times News for Mon, 21 Mar 2011
Size of the Milky Way Upgraded, Solving Galaxy Puzzle
Snowshoe Hares Pass Down Stress to Multiple Future Generations – Inkfish
Solipsism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some physicists believe we’re living in a giant hologram — and it’s not that far-fetched – Vox
Sound of Intellect: Speech Reveals a Thoughtful Mind, Increasing a Job Candidate’s Appeal.
Space, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Earth and Xenology News
Space, Geometry and Aesthetics Through Kant and Towards Deleuze
Spintronics: Organic molecules stabilizing magnetism
Spontaneous Activity Drives Local Synaptic Plasticity In Vivo. – PubMed – NCBI
State of the Congress 2013 — Measure of America American Human Development Project
Statistical Correlation » American Scientist
Stigmergy | GeorgieBC’s Blog
Stressed out plants send animal-like signals — ScienceDaily
Summary of ERG Theory – Clayton P. Alderfer. Abstract
Swarm of Simple Robots Do Surprisingly Complex Things – Singularity HUB
Synopsis: Helicons in a Lab Plasma
Take a personality test
The Magnetic Universe Geophysical and Astrophysical Dynamo Theory
The Secret Sun
The structure of DNA by direct imaging
The Tunnel Problem | Practical Ethics
The Up-Goer Five Text Editor
The Work We Do While We Sleep
thinking in numbers how maths illuminates our lives – Tài liệu text
Threat Intelligence Blog
Time and Torsion in a Conscious, Holographic Universe
Transcranial photobiomodulation
Trolley problem
Tubulins diffusion
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Moon Buildings (231)
Venus-Earth Pentagram
Vimana (UFO) Found In Cave In Afghanistan « jimmyprophet
Water Reads Your Mind, Does That Mean Water Is Alive?
What is /r/SubredditSimulator? : SubredditSimulator
What is Halley’s Comet?
What the Bleep Do We Know! & What the Bleep! – Down the Rabbit Hole
What, Why, and Where to | Evolutionary Robotics
What’s the Point If We Can’t Have Fun? – The Baffler
Why Philosophers Should Care About Computational Complexity
World’s quietest gas lets physicists hear faint quantum effects
Your Musical Tastes Reflect Your Thinking Style
Yudkowsky – Rationality
Wait But Why
A Star Passed Through the Solar System Just 70,000 Years Ago – Universe Today
Alien theory : the decline of materialism in the name of matter – WRAP: Warwick Research Archive Portal
Against The Cult Of Travel | The Art Of Manliness
Overcoming Bias : New Yorker on Age of Em
Does Bilderberg Really Run The World? One Chart To Help You Decide | Zero Hedge
Garrett Lisi: An 8-dimensional model of the universe | TED Talk | TED.com
How Earth Moves – YouTube
The helical model – our solar system is a vortex – YouTube
Earth’s motion around the Sun, not as simple as I thought – YouTube
New test backs up theory that the world doesn’t exist until we look at it | Daily Mail Online
Small Bodies of the Solar System – Professor Carolin Crawford – YouTube
Why Feynman Diagrams Are So Important | Quanta Magazine
Real-Life Midi-Chlorians
Microbiota – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Scientists discover that our brain waves can be sent by electrical fields – ScienceAlert
Neural Feedback: Brain Influences Itself with Its Own Electric Field – Scientific American
Swirling data: Boosting computing power and info transfer rates tenfold — ScienceDaily
Alan Watts – Reality & Illusion – YouTube
Michele Besso – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Square Circle Spiral
Strange orbit of new planet Niku hints at mysterious object in the outer solar system | Daily Mail Online
Singing Ice on FlatLake.com – YouTube
Greenwood Lake frozen ice singing II – YouTube
Singing Sand Dunes – YouTube
Elon Musk Speaks About Simulation Theory – YouTube
Researchers discover that DNA naturally fluoresces
Tree-rings reveal secret clocks that could reset key dates across the ancient world
CqETpcpWEAARkOz.jpg (1200×784)
Quantum Hanky-Panky | Edge.org
News Picks: Storm-triggered S waves tracked for first time
RealityShifters | What Are Reality Shifts
Bank of America analysts claim there’s a 50% chance we live in a ‘Matrix reality simulation’ – Mirror Online
Bank of America wonders about the matrix – Business Insider
Hype Cycle Research Methodology | Gartner Inc.
Natural born killers: humans predisposed to murder, study suggests | Science | The Guardian
Wood Wide Web: Secret Communication Of Trees | MessageToEagle.com
Physicists Create World’s First Time Crystal
Nature’s harmonic unity: a treatise on its relation to proportional form : Samuel Colman, Clarence Arthur Coan : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
Scientists claim there ARE parallel universes… and the timelines on each one can interact
Einstein’s gravity theory could be wrong as new theory passes first test | Daily Mail Online
Harmonic Evolution Part 1
Theoretical Physicist Finds Computer Code in String Theory – YouTube
Multiple copies of the Standard Model could solve the hierarchy problem
Study reveals substantial evidence of holographic universe
Thunderbolts of the Gods | Official Movie – YouTube
Pi à la Mode | Science News
Problem solved: Carolina Bays are shock liquefaction impact features from hypersonic ice boulders launched from the glacial ice sheet by a cosmic impact at the Younger Dryas – The Cosmic Tusk
High-res animation reveals Earth’s magnetic field | Daily Mail Online

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