Musical Universe.

These are just a few examples.

Astronomer creates music using star oscillations
DNA Music
Eerie ‘X-Files’ Sounds Recorded from the Edge of Space
For whom the EARTH tolls: Ocean waves that collide and drag along the seabed cause our planet to ring ‘like a bell’ | Daily Mail Online
Fractal music
Have you heard ‘the hum’? Mystery of Earth’s low droning noise could now be solved
Is our universe ringing like a crystal glass? | Science Wire | EarthSky
Metamath Music Page
NASA – Eerie Sounds of Saturn’s Radio Emissions
Planetary Harmonics & Neuro-biological Resonances
This is what it sounds like when you put tree rings on a record player. | 
Wheel of Stars
Take an Audio Tour of Classic Paintings Transformed Into Soundscapes
What Does Sound Look Like? – YouTube
What Does Sound Look Like?
Music tempo carries hidden information

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